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About the Yellow Box

We supply high quality products for motorcycle and automotive use.
Our product reliability and product support receive the highest respect worldwide.

New Product Update!

We are still in business and accepting orders. However, we are down to the last few units of our existing Yellow Box v5 product. The Yellow Box v5 "2-wire" unit with Splice Harness is completely out of stock, so very sorry. There are some remaining Yellow Box v5 units available (to suit 3-wire Hall-effect speed sensors) but only while stocks last.

We are very pleased to announce a new Yellow Box product will be available in early July 2021. This new Yellow Box product will use a dip switch to set the speedo correction. Yes, we have heard your feedback that you prefer the dip switch method for setting the speedo correction. The new Yellow Box product will be compatible with BOTH "2-wire" and 3-wire vehicle speed sensors, in the one product. Will have a speedo correction range from 1:10 to 10:1. And every Yellow Box product has our same trusted 10 Year New Replacement Warranty, and our legendary reliability. With Plug-n-play Harness optional upgrade available for most motorcycles, and selected vehicles.

The new product will be offered at a higher price, which will also include the increased shipping costs that we have been absorbing this past 12 months during the Covid Pandemic. For a limited time between now and when the new Yellow Box product is available you may like to pre-order the new Yellow Box Product at the current Yellow Box v5 pricing which will also include for free the shipping cost increases. This offer will only be available for a limited time, between now and 1st July 2021. So get in quick! :) Order Now.

There are still some limited remaining Yellow Box v5 units available if you prefer delivery now rather than waiting for the new product release, but only while stocks last. Please specify with your order if you prefer the current unit or happy to wait until July 2021 for the new Yellow Box Product.

Thank you all so very much for your encouragement and repeated patrionage during the past 22 years that we have been in business with the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator, and especially for all your kind patience and ongoing support this past challening 12 months with all our massive delays. We are so sincerely very sorry to everyone that we have inconvenienced by our many delays this past year. Our thoughts go out to everyone that has been negatively impacted during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We hope that you are safe and well. Thank you. :)

Yellow Box Speedometer Recalibration
Acknowledged as the world's best speedo recalibrator due to it's advanced features
and tiny size, the Yellow Box corrects the speedometer and odometer of any
vehicle that uses a hall-effect speed sensor to generate the speedometer signal.

Motorcycles; sportsbikes, Harley Davidson, cruisers, road, trail, trikes,
custom bikes, racing, snowmobiles. Cars and trucks; sportscars, 2WDs,
4WDs, pickup trucks, utes, off-road vehicles, kit cars and custom cars.

Trusted performance and a 10 year warranty!

There are many causes of speedometer error;
  • Stock vehicle speedos can read 2-10% fast (ie. direct from the manufacturer).
  • Gearing changes; transmission, differential, changing sprockets, chain, etc.
  • Wheel size, wheel diameter and/or tyre size changes.
  • Engine transplant, bike engine in kit cars.
  • Instrument cluster, dash or speedo faceplate swapping.

    Important News

    PayPal ordering or credit card payment is available.
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    Yellow Box super sale on now, with FREE airmail delivery!
    Unbeatable value Yellow Box v5 with splice wiring $93.90. Or better still save money and time
    easy-install Yellow Box v5 with Plug-n-play $110.85 USD and free shipping! Order Now.

    Plug-N-play Yellow Box for motorcycles
    No need to splice your bikes wiring simply plug into the speed sensor coupler.
    Custom made plug-N-play for your bike.

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