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Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator

Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator v4
The Yellow Box is a speedometer recalibrator for motorcycles, cars and trucks.
It corrects for the usual stock speedo errors and gearing change speedo errors etc.

The Yellow Box is easy to use and remains on the bike correcting the speedo
in real time. Installation is a simple 4 wire splice connection or quick plug-n-play.

The speed correction can be easily changed at any time to compensate for tyre wear,
MPH-KPH or KPH-MPH conversions needed on the road while travelling.

Yellow Box v4

Features of the Yellow Box v4 -- Model No. YB4
  • Corrects both the speedo and odometer by the same percentage/correction ratio
  • Speedometer correction range; -50% to +100% (1:2 to 2:1 ratio range)
  • Fine correction adjustment; 0.5% steps
  • KPH-MPH and MPH-KPH speedo conversion

  • Bright LED displays switch settings and test modes
  • System testing on power-up, inbuilt input and output tests
  • High-speed microprocessor accuracy, instant response, no speedo lag
  • Fully digital, exact, instant adjustment

  • Conveniently powered from speed sensor power
  • Power supply voltage; 5 to 16 volt
  • Very low power consumption (20mA)

  • Tiny size; 37 x 62 x 14mm, weighs only 32 grams
  • Rugged water and vibration proof encapsulation
  • Strong mounting hole and connector strength
  • Compatible with most modern motorcycles, cars and trucks
  • Legendary reliability and 10 year replacement warranty!

  • How it works
    To learn more about speed sensors see Using and Installing instructions.

    The Yellow Box receives electrical pulses from the vehicle speed sensor.
    The high-speed microprocessor (tiny computer) inside the Yellow Box uses
    our proprietary digital software to precisely correct the signal pulses.

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